A Nova Scotian Self-Written Obituary Reminds People to “Live a Little”

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What would you do if you were diagnosed with incurable cancer? In Bailey Matheson’s obituary, she encourages people to “live a little”.

Diagnosed two years ago, Bailey Matheson reminds us that “none of us know how long we’re here, so you might as well enjoy it. Enjoy the ride.”

Bailey grew up in Cape Breton, but lived in Lakeside, Nova Scotia, Canada. She passed away on April 5th, 2019.

In her self-written obituary, published in The Chronicle Herald Bailey thanks her family and friends for their love and support, especially after she decided to forego chemotherapy. When she was diagnosed with her ‘incurable cancer’, Bailey decided she didn’t want to decrease the quality of life she had left.

Her close friend said “Bailey didn’t fear death. She feared more of unlived life and leaving us behind.”

While Bailey took some time to deal with her initial prognosis, it didn’t take long before she set out to enjoy the time she had left. She built her epic bucket list, which included a few planned trips with friends and family. During a girls trip to Chicago, all of her friends got a tattoo of a heart that Bailey drew so that they could carry her heart with them.

How many of us are caught up with work and forget to take a moment to simply enjoy life? Bailey closed her obituary with a few words of advice: “Don’t take the small stuff so seriously and live a little.”

“35 years may not seem long, but damn it was good!”


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