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Share Special 2019 Sale Ends Midnight Monday 22 April 2019 We wish you a Happy Easter! May your Easter basket be filled with Joy, Blessings & Love.For you and … Read More

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Share Halloween 3 day Special Happy Halloween. Lets keep the body young and the Grim Reaper at bay. So Go Hunting While Stocks Last! Allocated Stock is Limited. Special … Read More

End Discomfort & Pain from Gout Symptoms

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If you awaken from a sound sleep to excruciating joint pain in your big toe, you may be experiencing one of several gout symptoms. (1) Gout is on the rise in America, affecting millions of people each year. In fact, the latest research, from 10 years ago, found that the rates of gout doubled in 20 years prior. More than eight million Americans … Read More

Spider Bite! Symptoms + 6 Easy Natural Treatments

Annie PriceArticles, black widow spider bite symptoms, brown recluse spider bite symptoms, house spider bite symptoms, Natural Remedies, spider bite infection symptoms, symptoms of a poisonous spider bite, symptoms of a spider bite, symptoms of spider bite, symptoms of spider bites, wolf spider bite symptoms


Sometimes you get a bug bite and you have no idea what on earth bit you. Could it be a mosquito? Was it a spider? Wait, a spider can bite? Yes, unfortunately spiders can bite you and they often strike when you least expect it (like when you’re sleeping). A spider bite, or arachnidism, is defined as an injury resulting … Read More

Get Your Life Back: 5 Natural Treatments for PTSD Symptoms

Jillian BabcockArticles, define trauma, Natural Remedies, post traumatic stress, post traumatic stress disorder, post traumatic stress disorder definition, post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, ptsd definition, ptsd treatment, signs of ptsd, Spirituality & Emotional Health, Stress & Anxiety, symptoms of ptsd, what is ptsd


Sometimes trauma can haunt a person after experiencing one or more difficult and painful events, affecting their ability to live a normal, daily life. About 70 percent of adults in the U.S. will experience some type of traumatic event at some point in their lives, and among these people about 20 percent will go on to develop the condition called post … Read More

School Lunch Changes Pros & Cons + What to Do About School Lunches

JoeArticles, Current News/Trends, Nutrition, school lunch, school lunches


For parents and students alike, the topic of school lunch has always been a hot-button issue. This month, the school lunch debate is back in the spotlight after it was announced that Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signed a proclamation that scales back school nutritional requirements spearheaded by Michelle Obama and put into practice during the Obama administration in 2012. (1) … Read More

Benefits of Red Wine for the Heart, Body & Mind

Christine BabcockArticles, benefits of red wine, drinking wine, glass of wine, good wine, is red wine good for you, is wine good for you, Nutrition, red wine, red wine benefits, red wines, resveratrol


Have you ever heard of the French paradox? It’s a well-researched phenomenon that refers to people who live in certain parts of France where red wine is commonly consumed during meals having fewer cases of death from coronary heart disease, even though these people live a lifestyle that’s considered to have higher risks than those living in the United States … Read More

Ease Lichen Planus Discomfort with These 9 Natural Treatments

Pierre Van ZylAllergies, Articles, Autoimmune Disease & Immunity, Beauty & Skin Health, erosive lichen planus, lichen planus oral, lichen planus pictures, lichen planus treatment, oral lichen planus, oral lichen planus treatment


If you have a rash with red, purple or bluish lesions that itches and spreads, you may have lichen planus. This disease is triggered by the immune system in response to stress, allergens or a viral infection.  It may affect the skin, scalp and nails, as well as the mouth and the genitals. Discomfort can range from mild to severe, and effective … Read More

How to Grow Tomatoes (Including My Favorite Varieties!)

Leah ZerbeArticles, growing tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, how to plant tomatoes, Lifestyle, planting tomatoes, Superfoods, tomato, tomato plant, tomatoes, when to plant tomatoes


Find yourself searching “how to grow tomatoes” this growing season? You aren’t alone. In fact, experts say tomatoes are the most popular home garden crop grown in America. It’s the fruit of choice for 85 percent of home gardeners in the U.S. (1) If you’re new to growing food and just caught the gardening bug, you’re in good company. Between 2008 and … Read More

Is Mushroom Coffee Even Better than Regular Coffee?

Annie Priceare mushrooms good for you, Articles, benefits of coffee, coffee benefits, Current News/Trends, mushroom, mushroom coffee, mushroom tea, Nutrition


You may already be on the keto coffee train, but have you tried mushroom coffee? I know it sounds like a really bizarre combination, but this fungi-focused coffee is very trendy at the moment and only seems to be picking up steam. Lovers of the somewhat eccentric brew say that the earthy essence of mushrooms is a complementary addition to coffee that actually makes … Read More

DIY Compost: Simple Steps to Make ‘Black Gold’ at Home

Leah ZerbeArticles, compost at home, compost bin, compost diy, compost pile, composting, home composting, how to compost, how to make compost, Lifestyle, organic compost how to make, what is compost


DIY compost may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really not much different than baking a cake when you think about it. You just need specific amounts of certain ingredients and a set of directions. For DIY compost, add browns, greens and a little moisture; follow some simple rules; and you’ve got “black gold” for all of your home landscaping … Read More

Relieve Your Child’s Scarlet Fever Rash: 10 Natural Treatments

Pierre Van ZylArticles, Children's Health, fever rash, fever symptoms, Natural Remedies, sandpaper rash, scarlatina, scarlet fever rash, scarlet fever symptoms, scarlet fever treatment, strep rash, strep throat rash, symptoms of scarlet fever, what is scarlet fever


Once considered a very severe childhood disease, scarlet fever is now easy to treat, and the prognosis for recovery is excellent. Physical signs include a very red sore throat and scarlet fever rash, a red rash that appears on the neck, under the arms, or in the groin area, which spreads quickly over the rest of the body. Physicians commonly … Read More

Low Glycemic Diet: Benefits, Foods & Sample Plan

Jillian BabcockArticles, Diet, Eating Plans & Lists, glycemic index, glycemic index chart, glycemic load, high glycemic foods, low carb foods, low glycemic diet, low glycemic foods, low glycemic index foods, Nutrition, slow carb diet


Has your doctor recently recommended a low glycemic diet to help treat a condition you’re dealing with, such as high cholesterol or diabetes? Or maybe you’re hoping to reduce your intake of sugar, processed grains and other “high glycemic foods” in order to reach a healthier weight? No matter what your reason is for wanting to eat a better diet … Read More

Is Tramadol a Narcotic? 10 Reasons to Never Use for You or Your Child

Pierre Van ZylArticles, Current News/Trends, Pain Relief & Posture, Toxicity & Non-GMO, tramadol, tramadol side effects


The FDA recently issued new warnings against prescribing tramadol and codeine to children and adolescents. After the agency reviewed event reports from about the past 50 years, they found that 64 reports of severe breathing difficulty, including 24 deaths, were linked to codeine in children and adolescents. In addition, nine cases, including three deaths (!), were linked to tramadol. Following … Read More

Is Chai Tea Good for You? Chai Tea Benefits & Recipes

Kyra OliverArticles, caffeine in chai tea, chai tea, chai tea benefits, is chai tea good for you, Nutrition, vanilla chai, what is chai


Chai tea has been popular for years, hitting the big coffee shops in both hot and iced form, but is chai tea is good for you? Well, yes — for the most part — though it depends on what chai tea you drink. Like most foods, it’s easiest to find the not-so-healthy version of chai tea just about anywhere these … Read More

9 Lymphadenitis Natural Treatments

Christine BabcockArticles, Autoimmune Disease & Immunity, enlarged lymph nodes, infected lymph node, lymph node pain, lymph nodes swollen, lymphadenopathy, Natural Remedies, painful lymph nodes, swollen glands, swollen lymph node, swollen lymph node in neck, swollen lymph nodes


Did you know that the human body has about 600 lymph nodes? All of these small nodes of the lymphatic system work to protect us from illness and damaging, disease-causing inflammation. But sometimes you may notice that your lymph nodes feel swollen, tender and even painful when touched. This condition, called lymphadenitis, is usually a sign of a bacterial infection somewhere … Read More

What Does Kosher Mean? Kosher Food & Kosher Diet Guidelines

Christine BabcockArticles, Diet, Eating Plans & Lists, kosher, kosher definition, kosher food, kosher kitchen, kosher meaning, what does kosher mean, what is kosher, what makes something kosher


If you’re like many Americans today, you’ve wondered about kosher foods. What does kosher mean? You see the labels on packaged foods around the grocery store, but maybe you aren’t exactly sure what a kosher certification entails. Kosher food is meant to be pure and safe for consumption. As it becomes more difficult to distinguish clean versus tampered foods these … Read More

Prevent Seizures Naturally: 3 Ways to Manage Epilepsy Symptoms

Jillian BabcockArticles, Brain Health, epilepsy definition, epilepsy foundation, epilepsy symptoms, epileptic, epileptic seizure, seizure, seizure causes, seizure disorder, seizures, what is epilepsy


According to the Epilepsy Foundation, epilepsy (which means the same thing as “seizure disorders”) is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the world. It affects people of all ages and cultures. (1) 65 million people worldwide currently have epilepsy, including 3 million children and adults living in the U.S. About one in 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy … Read More

The Best Aphrodisiac Foods + Dangers of Aphrodisiac Drugs

Kissairis Munozaphrodisiac definition, aphrodisiac drugs, aphrodisiac foods, aphrodisiacs, Articles, food aphrodisiacs, natural aphrodisiac, Nutrition, what is an aphrodisiac


Most couples, at some point in their relationships, will deal with issues in the bedroom. Sure, low libidos and impotence can put a strain on sex and your relationship. But every day matters, like whether or not your spouse unloaded the dishwasher or worrying about that presentation you have, can kill the mood, too. When that happens, you might need … Read More

Oolong Tea Benefits the Brain, Heart, Skin & More

Rebekah EdwardsArticles, benefits of oolong tea, Nutrition, oolong, oolong tea, oolong tea benefits, oolong tea caffeine, oolong tea weight loss, what is oolong tea


You might have heard of the benefits of tea before, but did you know that the tea that makes up only 2 percent of the world’s tea intake can help prevent cancer and heart disease? That’s right. Oolong tea is partially oxidized to meet somewhere in the middle of a green tea and black tea, and it’s a treat for sure. It … Read More

Radicchio: The Vitamin K Vegetable that Supports the Heart & Bones (And Kills a Common Parasite!)

Rebekah EdwardsArticles, Nutrition, raddichio, radicchio, radicchio benefits, radicchio recipes, radicchio salad, radiccio, royal roses, what is radicchio


Looking for a striking way to up your salad game? Then it might be time to consider the flavors of a radicchio salad, straight from the farms of Italy. With a small calorie count but a great spread of nutrients, radicchio is a lesser-known leafy vegetable that’s excellent for your health as well as your recipes. It’s got a ton … Read More

Nasal Polyps: 19 Natural Treatments & Lifestyle Changes

Pierre Van ZylAllergies, Articles, nasal polyp, nasal polyps definition, nasal polyps in children, nasal polyps surgery, nasal polyps symptoms, nasal polyps treatment miracle, Natural Remedies, what causes nasal polyps


Do you have strange bumps inside your nose? If so, you may have nasal polyps, or nasal polyposis. Nasal polyps are pretty common, noncancerous growths. (1) In fact, up to 4 percent of the U.S. population suffers from nasal polyps. (2) Conventional treatments usually include steroids, antihistamines and surgery. Luckily there are many natural home remedies for nasal polyps and many treatments … Read More

Is Codeine a Narcotic? 20 Reasons to Never Use Cough Syrup with Codeine

Pierre Van Zylacetaminophen 3, acetaminophen codeine, Addiction, Articles, codeine cough syrup, codeine pills, cough syrup with codeine, Current News/Trends, how to get codeine, tylenol 3, tylenol 4, tylenol with codeine, what does codeine do, what is codeine


Did you know that codeine is dangerous for your child? After reviewing adverse event reports for the past 50 years, the FDA concluded that prescription codeine and tramadol should not be given to children and adolescents. Upon their review, the agency found 64 cases of severe breathing problems, including 24 deaths, as a result of codeine in children and adolescents. … Read More

Gluten-Free Grains Your Digestive System Will Love

Kyra OliverArticles, gluten free diet, gluten free foods list, Gluten-free, gluten-free foods, gluten-free grains, millet, Nutrition, what is gluten free


Gluten-free has become so popular on shelves today that practically every company out there touts a gluten-free product in one shape or form. While gluten-free does not mean healthy, often buzzwords like this are used to really push products, and that brings us to why it’s so important to really know if those “gluten-free grains” you’re buying are actually sans gluten … Read More

Chemicals in Cats: Where Are These Dangerous Compounds Coming From?

Leah Zerbeare flea collars safe, Articles, bpa cat food cans, cat flea collars, cat hyperthyroid causes, Pet Health, phthalates in cats, toxic cat chemicals


Turns out your favorite cuddle buddy is likely loaded with toxic chemicals. While cats may seem relatively safe inside the comfort of our homes, emerging research is detecting common chemicals in cats at mega-high doses, something that should serve as a warning sign for humans in the house, too. Because cats living in the home are low to the ground and … Read More

Zoodles: Top 5 Benefits of Zucchini Noodles + Zoodle Recipe Ideas

Jillian BabcockArticles, how to make zoodles, how to make zucchini noodles, Nutrition, zoodle maker, zoodle recipes, zoodles, zucchini noodles, zucchini pasta


Own a spiralizer and unsure of what to do with it? Notice all of the recent cook books and Instragram pictures featuring use of low-calorie vegetable “noodles” and ready to give them a try yourself? Well then, welcome to the world of zoodles! “Zoodles” is a nickname for zucchini noodles, or spaghetti-like strands made from spiralized, raw zucchini and other squash. … Read More

Dumping Syndrome Causes & Symptoms + 9 Natural Treatments

Christine BabcockArticles, bypass, bypass surgery, dumping, dumping syndrome diet, gastric, gastric bypass, gastric bypass surgery, gastric emptying, Gut Health, heart palpitations after eating, Nutrition, Weight Loss, what is dumping syndrome


Dumping syndrome is the most common condition to follow bariatric surgery. Its prevalence reaches up to 50 percent in people who have had partial gastrectomy. But research suggests that weight loss is not dependent on the presence of dumping symptoms; in fact, dumping syndrome can lead to weight gain for some people. It also can substantially reduce your quality of life, resulting in … Read More

16 Dangers of Fentanyl & the Fentanyl Patch

Pierre Van ZylArticles, Current News/Trends, Detoxification, fentanol, fentanyl, fentanyl dosage, fentanyl powder, fentanyl side effects, fentanyl withdrawal, opioid fentanyl, what is fentanyl


If you’ve heard about the opioid epidemic — which is one of the major contributors to the deaths of despair we’re seeing today — but haven’t had it personally affect you in any way, take a look at this recent study. It found that fentanyl was detected in the toxicology reports of nearly two-thirds of the 196 people who died from opioid overdose … Read More

Bee Sting Treatment: 7 Home Remedies

Annie PriceArticles, bee sting home remedies, bee sting home remedy, bee sting relief home remedies, bee sting remedies, bee sting remedy, bee stings remedy, home remedies for bee stings, home remedy for bee sting, Natural Remedies, remedies for bee stings, remedy for bee sting


As the weather warms up and people spend more time outdoors, it’s a very smart idea to have some bee sting treatment options on hand. As you probably already know, a bee sting is a sting from any type of bee, while a wasp sting comes from a wasp. For most people, bee stings are an annoying and painful occurrence that can … Read More

How to Stop a Nosebleed: 4 Home Remedies

Annie PriceArticles, how do you stop a nosebleed, how to stop a nosebleed at home, how to stop a nosebleed fast, how to stop nosebleeds, Natural Remedies


Have you ever experienced epistaxes? If you have, then you’ll be happy to learn about how to stop a nosebleed. Pronounced ep-ih-STAK-seez, epistaxes is another name for the common health problem of nosebleeds. What is a nosebleed? It’s when you have bleeding coming from the inside of your nose. Most of the time, blood only comes out of one nostril, but … Read More

Bad News for Your Brain: Artificially Sweetened Drinks Increase Risk of Stroke and Dementia

Leah ZerbeArticles, Brain Health, diet soda alzheimer's, diet soda dementia, diet soda stroke, soda dementia, Toxicity & Non-GMO


Ever find yourself wondering, “Is diet soda bad for you?” It may seem like a better option compared to sugary soda, but the science shows that viewpoint falls flat. And now, we have even more reason to avoid soda at all costs. Artifiicially sweetened drinks increase risk of stroke and dementia. In other words, it’s hammering your brain. Researchers at … Read More

Keto Diet Food List, Including the Best vs. Worst Keto Foods

Jillian BabcockArticles, Diet, Eating Plans & Lists, keto, keto diet, keto diet food list, ketogenic diet, ketone, ketones, ketosis diet, Nutrition


Unlike many fad diets that come and go with very limited rates of long-term success, the ketogenic diet has been practiced for more than nine decades (since the 1920s) and is based upon a solid understanding of physiology and nutrition science. The keto diet works for such a high percentage of people because it targets several key, underlying causes of weight gain … Read More

Biking to Work Lowers Mortality + More Benefits of Biking

JoeArticles, benefits of biking, bike to word day, bike to work, biking to work, commute to work, Current News/Trends, Fitness


We’ve talked a lot about mortality lately and ways to reduce it, including running. But what about biking to work? Can this exercise help you live longer? It turns out that it may, according to recent research from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Given what we already know about how a sedentary lifestyle can increase mortality and disease risks, … Read More

Tourette Syndrome + 9 Natural Treatments

Pierre Van ZylArticles, Brain Health, tourette, tourette's syndrome, tourettes, treatment for tourette's, ts meaning, what is tourette syndrome, what is tourette's


For example, the CDC estimates that 1 in 160 children between the ages of 5 and 17 have Tourette Syndrome, with nearly half of the children in the United States remaining undiagnosed. And while symptoms can improve through maturity, many adults continue to face the symptoms of this often life-disrupting disease. Marked by involuntary and repetitive movements and vocalizations, this Tic … Read More

Lingonberry: The Antioxidant Superberry that Combats Inflammation & More

Kyra OliverArticles, lingon, lingonberries, lingonberry, lingonberry jam, lingonberry plants, lingonberry sauces, Nutrition


If you’re looking for a superberry, the lingonberry takes the podium since it’s jam-packed with antioxidants and body-enhancing phytonutrients. This small but powerful berry contains numerous medicinal and nutritional benefits. Commonly consumed whole or as lingonberry juice, the quercetin and proanthocyanidin, also found in the cranberry, give it such a positive punch for the body. Similar to the bearberry, lingonberries contain … Read More

Why Am I Hungry? Weird Things Stoking Your Appetite

Leah ZerbeArticles, Hormonal Health, hunger and hormones, hunger triggers, Weight Loss, weird things that make people hungry, why am i hungry all of the time


“Why am I hungry … like all of the time?” Is that a question you’re asking a lot lately? That’s because weight loss is a bit more complicated than “calories in, calories out.” While that is certainly important, getting your hormones under control is key to stifle an out-of-control appetite. Luckily, you’re not destined for a life of counting calories … Read More

How to Get Rid of Lice: 8 Natural Remedies

Annie PriceArticles, Children's Health, head lice, head lice treatment, home remedies for lice, how do you get lice, how to get rid of head lice, lice eggs, lice shampoo, lice treatment, Natural Remedies, what do lice look like, what does lice look like


If you’re wondering how to get rid of lice, I’m here to tell you that there are thankfully a lot of natural home remedies to kill lice. There are a few kinds of lice including head lice, body lice and pubic lice. While body lice and pubic lice can occur as a result of unclean living conditions and a lack … Read More

Human Sewage Sludge in Compost? It’s Really a Thing (and BEWARE)

Leah ZerbeArticles, biosolids compost, compost human sewage sludge, how to find best compost, Lifestyle, Toxicity & Non-GMO


If you don’t want to wind up with shampoo chemicals in your garden tomatoes, this information is for you. Now, I get it. When you swing by your local home improvement store for bagged fertilizer for your lawn or garden, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is toxic compounds. But there’s something you need to know. Human sewage sludge in compost … Read More