How to beat the 3pm snaccident

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If losing weight is your goal, hear this: you will not do it through starvation, obsessively counting calories or just wishing that magically a few kilos might fall off. You know the drill: move more, eat well, sleep 8 hours and repeat. While it can be frustrating to look at it as a sustainable lifestyle change…

Our fave plantbased recipes for World Vegan Day

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Whether you are vegan or not, it’s hard to argue against adding a little more veg into your diet. We’ve all seen how #meatlessmonday has taken social media by storm and there is plenty of info out there on how having more plantbased meals can help not only your health but the environment too. So…

8 of my Favourite Healthy Food Swaps

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As someone who has spent a lot of time healthifying recipes I have definitely come across a few good swaps to help up the nutrition of some of my less healthy faves. If you’re reading this, it’s because you have an interest in nutrition, fitness or both. I’m not going to insult you by explaining that…

The Fit Foodie Cookbook #2

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Guys, I have the most epic news to share. We’re talking E-P-I-C, as far as foodie news goes. Over the last year I have I been working away with commercial food photography clients (yay - – photographing and styling food that I LOVE. After the launch of Love Move Eat cookbook here in Australia, which I…

The best things to eat in Sydney this weekend

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Sydney is my hood. I spend my weekends (and weekdays, to be fair) trying new cafes and restaurants – for meetings / hanging with my girls / date night / just getting out of my home office. So to inspire you this weekend, I wanted to share my current fave hang-outs and their top dishes.…

Celebrate World Porridge Day with these delicious recipes

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So it’s safe to say that oats have come a long way from its humble beginnings as a sloppy breakfast with some honey on top for good measure. Now we have a multitude of creations with turmeric, choc chips and of course toppings galore gracing our Insta feeds every day. It’s only fair that porridge…

My Day on a Plate

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I feel like these blog posts have been done over and over again, but still, I find myself clicking on other people’s regularly. What is up with that? There’s something so intriguing about what other people put into their mouths every day. Let’s be honest, we know they don’t eat the same damn thing everyday,…

The Coolest Juice Bars from Around the Globe

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From Hollywood to New York, Amsterdam to London, join the juice craze and sip on the best smoothies and juices that the world has to offer. Plus these juice bars are also totally gorgeous!                                   Raw Chemist, Toronto This…

My Everyday Winter Porridge

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  There’s something deliciously nourishing about porridge. I have it literally every morning in winter after my morning workout. It’s filling and warming, packed with healthy whole grain oats that keeps me full until mid-morning. It can go sweet or savoury too, which is perfect because I’m usually torn on that morning dilemma. This recipe…

My 3 favourite foods to help boost immunity

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Every time cold and flu season comes around do you seriously envy that person in your office with rock-solid immunity? Do you wonder what their secret is to being this bacteria-fighting machine? I do sometimes, and hey maybe it’s genetics or maybe it’s diet related but once you know the tips of the trade, getting…

Adaptogens 101 + a Warming Mushroom Elixir Recipe

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So amongst the turmeric, moringa and various other superfoods, adaptogens have made their way into the spotlight this year (hey we picked it). Bragging rights aside, adaptogens have some pretty cool benefits and also make an amazing hot chocolate (if you haven’t had reishi and cacao powder together yet then get on it). So we asked…

What no one ACTUALLY tells you about being a Nutrition Student

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Okay, you LOVE health, nutrition and FOOD – probably while you’re hanging around on this awesome blog right? So naturally you want to absorb ALL the knowledge about how the two interact. How food fuels our bodies and provides all nutrients we need to survive and even THRIVE. I get it. I spent hours upon…

Brownie Batter Oats that will Kick your Chocolate Cravings

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If you were to look up the definition of decadence, I am sure that somewhere along the lines a brownie would be mentioned. I mean how much more decadent can you get than the rich chocolately goodness that is a brownie. Plus brownie batter is sometimes even better than brownies. I mean isn’t that the best…

Guilt-free chocolate recipes for you to enjoy this Easter

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Who here is a chocolate lover? Me I’m not hugely fussed but I do have a soft spot for some raw chocolate coated almonds (ok maybe it’s a slight addiction). With all that said, I will definitely be indulging in some chocolate this Easter! Now, for many of us Easter can be a great time…