Signs (H/t to Ace of Base)

Pierre Van ZylKC


I believe in signs.Driving home from getting the kids flu shots, we heard the song “The Sign” by Ace of Base on the radio. Whenever I hear this song, it brings me back to college Spring Break in Cancun. My 13yo knows it well from the movie Pitch Perfec…


Pierre Van ZylKC, wellness


After recovering from the the good kind of pain at the end of November last year, I developed the plain-old kind of pain that is in no way good: an intense, searing pain of a likely cervical radiculopathy that prompted me to go to the ER one fine …

My almost-teen

Pierre Van ZylKC, motherhood


“I saw J do the reading the other day at church, and at first, I thought it was you. She is becoming a young lady,â€� Maureen said to me on the sidelines of a soccer game. My daughter is 12, soon to be 13, but has recently passed me in height. She is…