How to deal with Imposter Syndrome

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Do you truly believe deserve to be where you are? Feel like your always ‘winging it’? Wonder if you can actually pull off the new project / job / work for a client that you said you could? Same. We all deal with it: feeling of inadequacy, self-doubt and paranoia about others thinking we’re something we’re…

Mindfulness not your thing? Why not try mindLESSness

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I’m sure that by now you would’ve heard of mindfulness. But if not, basically it is a technique that draws on Buddhist practices that teaches you how to be in the moment. Since most of us these days are stress heads this technique provided a useful way to escape and de-stress. Mostly it involves a…

10 signs you are terrible at relaxing

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For a lot of us Type-A personalities out there we struggle to find our off-switch. Personally, some days I feel like my off-switch has bee totally fried. And whilst we can all appreciate the importance of chilling out, sometimes it’s a little harder to achieve than you would think. Relaxing to us is pretty much…

A letter to my 20 year old self.

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Dearest Sal, You feel pretty average about life right now. You’re completing an expensive degree that will turn out to be pretty irrelevant, but know that it’s a rich life experience. Granted, not one that you’d choose to live through again, but it will add a log to your fire of resilience. And shit, will…