Confessions of a Runner

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Confessions of a runner | happyfitmama.comRunners are an odd group.

We get up early. We run late at night. We enjoy sweating, eating and talking about topics that most non-runners don’t understand. I mean, we even have our own strange language. That’s pretty special.

That being said, I have some things that I need to get off my chest. I don’t like everything a runner “should” do or like.

Hence, here are my confessions of a runner:

I wear my running clothes as regular clothes.

I’d rather buy more running clothes/shoes than “regular” clothes.

I sometimes sleep in my running clothes so I can get out the door faster in the morning.

I’ve become quite good at blowing snot rockets on the run. I have to remind myself that I should not blow snot rockets while not running.

I check myself out when I run past a mirror building or store windows.

Not every run is AMAZING.

Most runs are rather routine and boring.

When I travel, I think about how/when/where I’ll get my run in.

Also when I travel, I find so many places that I wish I could run but my family has other ideas for the day.

Even though I run a large portion of my runs in the dark, I don’t own a blinkie safety vest.

I’ve used many Dunkin’ Donut bathrooms on a run.

I’d rather pee/poo outside than in a port-a-potty.

If I’m out on the trails and need to go to the bathroom, I wonder if I’ll show up on someone’s trail cam.

I have to remind myself often that non-runners don’t like to talk about their bathroom mishaps.

I think race “bling” is ridiculous.

I don’t want another race t-shirt.

I’ll wear short running shorts but in “real” shorts, that length feels too short.

I don’t understand how someone with long hair can run with it down.

Sometimes I’ll speed up on an easy run when I come upon a section I know is a Strava segment.

I’m hyper aware of my surroundings on a run.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on the road or trails. I’m always taking notice of cars and people.

I most likely will pick up the pace if there is a runner ahead of me.

I always pause before hitting the “submit” button on any race registration. Do I really want to do this?!?!

I get annoyed when non-runners try to give me advice about running.

I instantly like someone more when I find out they are a runner.

I know the garbage days for every neighborhood in my town.

I’ve judged you because you have your recyclables in the trash. How hard is it to put bottles and cans in a separate container?

I get excited when I can run in shorts during the winter.

Thumb holes are brilliant but I rarely use them while running.

I can flash a smile when a spectator/race photographer is around but the second they are gone, my face goes back to pain face.

I skip my dynamic warm up and cool down stretch a lot more than I should.

I like training for a race more than actually racing.

I think about running way too much.

What runner confessions do you have?

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