Guilt-free chocolate recipes for you to enjoy this Easter

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Who here is a chocolate lover? Me I’m not hugely fussed but I do have a soft spot for some raw chocolate coated almonds (ok maybe it’s a slight addiction). With all that said, I will definitely be indulging in some chocolate this Easter!

Now, for many of us Easter can be a great time with family and friends, but it can also be a day where we eat maybe a tad too much chocolate. First I’m going to tell you that’s totally ok, you only live once so eat chocolate on Easter morning. But what we want to avoid is the feeling that we now have to detox for the next 3 months. So that’s why we have brought together all of our fave chocolate recipes, perfect for Easter and of course sans guilt.



Double Chocolate Black Bean Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? With some black beans for protein, these cookies are totally acceptable.


Double Chocolate Black Bean Brownies (2 of 1).jpg


Matcha Raspberry Ripple Chocolate

If you are one to shake things up then these slightly less traditional matcha chocolates are for you.



Raw Orange Chocolate Drops

Are Jaffas your idea of heaven? Look no further than these raw orange chocolate drops.


Raw Chocolate orange rounds, Raw terry's chocolate orange, homemade terry's chocolate orange


Turkish Rose Chocolates

Is Turkish delight your jam? Then these are right up your alley.



Salted Almond Joy Bars

If you are a fan of Snickers bars then these are for you.



Want more where this came from?? Then check out The Fit Foodie Chocolate Everyday Ebook. You’ll be set with chocolate recipes for life!



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