If You Still Have Your Old CorningWare Kitchen Collection, Put Them Up For Sale. They Are Worth Thousands of Dollars Today

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corningware worth thousands of dollars

Now there’s a reason to go digging in my grandmother’s attic.

CorningWare was a popular glass-ceramic cookware back in the 70s, known for its shock resistance and all-purpose adaptability. You could refrigerate, freeze, bake, and even microwave food with CorningWare plates and pots. They were the pride of every kitchen back then, more so because of their unique and colorful patterns that screamed class. 

CorningWare was manufactured in 1958 by Corning Incorporated, an American technology company that specialized in producing glass, ceramics, and other materials [1]. The company changed hands in 1998 and Corning Glass Works stopped production. CorningWare started to phase out and was almost completely gone from stores by 2001. However, it was reintroduced in 2008 by Corelle Brands, a division of Corning Inc. and is now manufactured in France.

Today, you can buy CorningWare in many stores and online markets for as low as $5. Some of the bigger sets may cost as much as $200. However, if you have any CorningWare produced before 1999, you might just be in luck as they’ve become treasures on the vintage market, with some of the sets selling for $10,000 on eBay.

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Vintage CorningWare

Antique collectors report that Vintage CorningWare has fetched handsome prices on recent auctions, especially if they have rare patterns on them.

One piece of CorningWare, in a pattern not widely produced, sold on eBay recently for $7,000,” says glass expert Dean Six [2]. “It was a 1970s product that fizzled. ‘Collecting is often what you remember, which is why this is big now because baby boomers are buying back what they grew up with. Boomers are decorating with these pieces in their homes.”

He explains that the rarer patterns fetch higher prices and it’s important to find out all the information you can before putting your utensils up for sale. You should also talk to an antique expert to find out the actual value of your items. 

“More rare patterns, like Wildflower – made from 1977 to 1984 – and Floral Bouquet – made from 1971 to 1975 – can fetch up to $10,000 online,” That’s Life wrote.

Just remember that the rarer the pattern on your CorningWare, the more they are likely to fetch.

Here’s a summary of the most popular CorningWare designs back in the day (in order of popularity) [3]:

Cornflower Blue: This was the most popular design back in the day, and it later became the trademark design for the brand. It features three small flowers on a white background.

Spice O’ life: First produced in 1972, this cute pattern featured vegetables such as garlic, mushrooms, and artichoke surrounded by green leaves. Some of the pieces had L’Echalote (the shallot), written underneath the veggies.

French White: When French white was released in 1978, most people didn’t think it was different from All White, an older piece from the mid-’60s. However, it featured curved indented lines on a cool white background.

Wildflower: This was first produced in 1978 and had a bunch of orange poppies surrounded by green leaves on the sides. They stopped producing this design in 1984 and it’s currently one of the rarest and most high-priced on the vintage market.

Dust your pantry and raid your attic – you might find small fortunes sitting in the dark, covered in dust and cobwebs.

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