Israeli tech company making water from air gets top honor in Las Vegas

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According to, one in nine people lack access to safe water, and the water crisis is ranked as the fourth largest global risk in terms of its impact on society [1].

Water is essential to life, and there are many organizations and companies that have dedicated themselves to improving access to water around the world. A tech company from Israel recently received the top honor in Las Vegas for its work in helping to eradicate the global water crisis [2].

Top Honors for Genny

The tech company Watergen, based out of Rishon LeZion, has created a new water-from-air appliance called Genny. It was named the Consumer Technology Association’s Energy Efficiency Product of the Year in the 2020 Smart Home Mark of Excellence Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas [3].

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These awards recognize the top smart home innovations in the industry, that provide benefits for both the homeowners and integrators [3].

Making Water Out of Air

Genny uses patented heat-exchange technology to tap into atmospheric water to create fresh drinking water. It can produce up to thirty liters of potable water for the home or office every day, which eliminates the need for bottled water [2].

The system works by first drawing air into an atmospheric water generator. It is then cleaned by a filter to remove dust and dirt, then subjected to the GENius heat exchange and cooling process before it is condensed into water. Finally, the water is filtered again to ensure to remove impurities and add minerals [2].

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Producing Higher-Quality Water

Because the water is filtered multiple times and continuously circulated through a built-in reservoir to keep it fresh, the water produced by the Genny system is often higher quality than water that is run through filtration systems that are attached to municipal water lines [2].

Air is an unending resource that is always available on-demand and eliminates concerns of corroded water pipes leaching lead into our water [3].

A Sustainable Solution

Genny eliminates the need for plastic water bottles or water jugs, which significantly cuts back on the amount of plastic waste that is generated by consumers [2]. The company has developed a large-scale version, called Gen-L, which can produce up to five thousand liters of clean drinking water every day. The system requires no infrastructure beyond a standard electricity supply, making it perfect for villages, off-grid settlements, and factories [4].

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A Global Mission

The company’s North American president, Dan Clifford, is honored to receive this award because it directly supports the company’s mission.

“Our company’s mission is to eliminate the need to rely on outside sources for life necessities and to help people become more environmentally friendly,” [2]

The company is planning to expand its work to provide clean water for the 2.1 billion people worldwide who lack access to it. The company’s chair, Israeli-Georgian businessman Mikhael Mirilashvili, is more concerned with having a positive impact on the planet than with making money.

“My first priority is not how to make money but to help people,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “Regarding the revenues, only God decides who makes money and how much.” [2]

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