Last Week’s Workouts

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Last week's workouts  |

Another week’s worth of workouts is done.

Time is flying by!  It’s been 5 weeks since the Vermont 50k. I’ve been enjoying my downtime of doing whatever it is that I please. This past week I had an urge to hit the hills again. I take that as a sign that my body is craving some heart rate bursting and sucking wind time. Lol!  I’ve got some ideas for 2020 but right now it’s still “fun time”. This week’s workouts spoiled me – I didn’t run by myself once…unless you count the run that I ran with Max. I guess I should say I had human company for 3 out of 4 runs.  I can remember a time when ALL of my runs were solo.  It’s nice to mix it up with socializing.


20 minutes Arc Trainer Intervals

10 minutes Stepmill intervals

Strength training:

Bullet proof legs + upper body

Core + mobility

Last week's workouts |

I woke up Monday morning with fresh legs. I left the gym with dead legs. Mission accomplished. I went up in weight on squats and bench press. Strength gains are happening!


4.5 mile trail run

I had a morning full of appointments and meetings so I pushed my run till the afternoon. It was the third straight day of rain and I was craving some trail time. I brought Max along with me even though I knew he’d be a wet and muddy mess. That’s nothing a little soap and water can’t get rid of, right?

The trails were indeed muddy but not as bad as I thought, just a lot of slippery leaves which made me extra cautious. The off and on ringing of gunshots from hunters in the distance also made me cautious. They sounded like they were in the fields that were on the opposite side of the trail system. Even though we were both decked out in our orange, I made a point of steering clear of that section.  I’m still not sure why anyone would want to hunt in that area. It’s so populated with people!


15 minutes Stepmill intervals

15 minutes treadmill climbing

Strength training:

Bench press

DB renegade row w/ push up

Cable row with reverse lunge

Banded pull ups

DB bicep curl/tricep ext

Plank matrix

I’m not sure what came over me but I felt a need to hit the faux mountains at the gym today. I increased the time/distance on the Stepmill and then jumped on the treadmill for some steady pace hill running/hiking. I was flinging sweat in every direction and was having Mount Washington Road Race training flashbacks. Thankfully, I didn’t have any neighbors.


6 mile road run

Our town does Trick-or-Treating the day before Halloween. Weird…I know. With that in mind and the forecast calling for high winds and rain, Kyle and I agreed to meet up later in the day.

You guys, it was 70 degrees. SO BIZARRE especially when it’s been in the 30s in the morning. I had planned on running in my Where’s Waldo costume (see first pic) but it was too hot and for long sleeves. Instead, I opted for


Rest day!


6.5 mile trail run

I knew I was going to run on Saturday morning but I didn’t have any set plans. That changed when I got a message from my friend Anya at 6:30 asking if I wanted to run. Of course! We agreed on meeting up at Northwood Meadows, a trail that I had only run once before. It was only 28 degrees when we started. My fingers were numb from the cold but quickly warmed up. The first cold runs of the year always have me second guessing what I should wear. Note to self – mittens rather than gloves when it’s in the 20s.



8 mile trail run

So the time change – did anyone else think yesterday was the LONGEST day ever? I don’t get it. I like the lighter in the morning thing but the whole sunset at 4:30 thing sucks. I’m ready for bed even before I eat dinner.

Anyway…Kyle and I met up for a chilly but sunny morning run. At the last minute I decide to take Max with us because he got so fired up when I put on my running shoes. What can I say?  He loves to run too!

We did the local community trail which is part paved and part dirt. It’s flat as a pancake but it’s nice scenery along the river. Especially this morning with the frost on the grass and the steam coming off the water.

The highlights of the run for the humans were: girl talk, sunshine and running.

The highlights for Max: running, mud, almost eating a bird and the deer that jumped across the trail right in front of us.

How was your week in workouts?

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