Things I’m Not Quitting



Here we are, 14 days into the new year and the new decade. Millions of people resolved to get healthy in 2020 by quitting their “bad habits” whether that means exercising more, eating better or committing to healthier habits.

Are you sticking to your new year’s intentions? I got an email from Strava last week that blew my mind. Did you know that there’s a thing called Quitter’s Day? It’s the day, according to Strava users data from 2019, when most people drop their new year’s resolutions. This year, Quitter’s Day is January 19th.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me sad that we are dropping our intentions 3 weeks into the new year. Why is this? Are we going out to fast rather than gradually building up? Are we doing an activity that we really don’t like? Why does our motivation tank?

“January 1st is the day I’m starting.”

Have you ever said that? I know I have said that many, many times. I gave up on setting New Year Resolutions years ago. I rarely stuck with them longer than a month. Instead, I changed my focus to a small series of goals throughout the year. They are easier to attain and I’m more focused. Small steps lead to bigger gains, right?

Of course, we all know there’s no need to wait until January 1 to start working towards what goals. Don’t think the beginning of the new year is the only time to wipe the slate clean. With every sunrise, it’s a fresh start!

Since January 19th is supposedly Quitter’s Day, why don’t we try to make January 20th the day we wipe the slate clean and get back to our goals. Let’s make it a day to re-evaluate and break those goals down into several small steps towards an attainable goal. When we reach a goal, we set along the way, we can build on that success and reach towards the next, all working towards what we ultimately want to accomplish. Setting mini goals throughout the year, rather than one vague resolution, keeps us focused with the eye on the prize.

In honor of Quitter’s Day, here are things I am NOT going to quit in 2020:

Waking up before the world for a sunrise run.

I may not be fully awake for all of these runs but these runs are the ones that light my fire and make me supremely happy.

Running with friends that are a faster or slower pace than me.

Never turn down an invitation to run with someone else because you think that you will slow the person down or vice versa. Every runner needs a change of pace.

Lifting weights that are heavy and challenge me.

Can we drop the notion that lifting heavy will bulk you up? It takes hours and hours at the gym to look like a body builder. It won’t happen just because you picked up the 20 pound dumbbells rather than the 5’s.

Cross training

Cross training isn’t a bad word for runners. For me, it’s much needed. I am not a 6 day a week runner. Cross training is a way to work on my aerobic endurance without the pounding of running.

Running up mountains

Mountains make me feel small yet so mighty.

Running on ALL the surfaces.

The trails are a challenge yet something that makes me feel so at peace. It’s like my mind is in a meditative state yet I’m hyper aware of everything. It’s truly become my happy place.

But the roads…The roads are where I can wander, catch up on what’s going around town, push the pace, take it slow, or keep it steady. It’s where my love of running started. I won’t ever quit that!

I’m not going to quit the treadmill either. As much as I’d rather be outside, the treadmill is a tool that is there when I need to run mountains yet can’t get to the mountains. It’s an option when the roads are covered in black ice. It’s a tool for helping dial in pacing. It may be dreaded but it sure is helpful!

Running in ALL the weather.

Sunshine, hot, rain, snow, cold – I’ll run in it all. I have my favorites (hello summer mornings!) but just because it’s snowing or raining doesn’t mean I’m not going for a run. Find the right gear for the season and more importantly, the right attitude, and you can run in anything.

Running with a smile on my face (or at least having a smile on my face when the run is done).

Not every run is sunshine and rainbows. Some plain ol’ suck donkey butt. I’ve been freezing cold or miserably hot, my stomach is hurting, I’m dry heaving and I’m on the side of the road with runner’s trots. I most definitely am NOT smiling during that time. But if I can look back and smile (laugh!) at those moments and learn from it, then that’s a good run.

Having FUN!

When I start saying I HAVE TO RUN, then it’s time for me to find something else to do. I GET TO RUN. I want to have fun. Like Ben & Jerry’s says, “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

What are you NOT going to quit in 2020?

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