Have fun with your body

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I hope that you’re having fun with your body. And if that’s not yet accessible to you, I hope that you’re learning to heal within your own skin—to reclaim that which belongs to you, and only you. And above all, I hope that you feel both supported and a…

My Menses does not apologize

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I bled right through my favorite pants. You know the ones—gold, high waisted, flowy, lookin’ like the sun materialized into a garment so comfortable, so capable that you never want to take them off—the ones I wear pretty much every damn day, …

On other people’s opinions

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What I know about confident people is this: They show up in their fullness, no matter what anyone thinks. It’s not that they don’t care what other people think, rather that they are so secure in themselves, their magic, and the way they sho…


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Like many young girls, I wasn’t nurtured with resilience against shame. I wasn’t directly and specifically nurtured towards shame by my parents, but when you come of age in a culture that is laced with shame around women’s bodies and sexuality in…

Quad Squad

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It was an ordinary early morning at the gym. I was doing a side lunge with a DB clean in front of the big mirrors at the gym.  As I watched my form, my eyes fixated on my legs and arms. Visible muscles popped out with every move. Damn.  I looked jacked! Was it the […]

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Be Your Own Hype Woman

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One of the most important roles you can play in your life is that of your own hype woman. You have to think you’re fabulous, even and especially when you’re knee deep in the messy stuff. You’ve got to give yourself compliments, recognize yo…

The Work of the Oppressor

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When you consider that hustling to fit narrow, reductive, and arbitrary beauty standards is actually taking on the work of the oppressor, it becomes much easier to stand in your body with autonomy and power. Choosing to look however YOU want to look i…

Autonomy: A short story

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“Damn, your hair grows so fast,â€� he said. Close to 2 inches of silver this time. It’s been 7 weeks since my last visit. Orlando has been my colorist for the past few years. I first came to see him when I was dying my hair shades of purple, blue, …