Mindful Parenting and a Toenail Drama

Pierre Van Zyldoctoring, Mindfulness, parenting, PracticeBalance

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It started back in May. She dropped her stainless steel sippy, and the bottom rim landed right in the middle of her big toenail. For hours, she was beside herself. All we could do was kiss and hug her and say, “Yep… it sucks to drop something on your t…

Quarantine Questions with a 4 Year Old

Pierre Van ZylCOVID, parenting, PracticeBalance, quarantine

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(Blubbering) “But WHY can’t I go play with Sarah??”The extent of our current outdoor adventuresHow’s everyone doing in the era of COVID and shelter-in-place? I, for one, am having a difficult time parenting my 4 year old daughter. Overall, I can’t comp…

Financial Literacy Is Self Care

Pierre Van Zylfinance, money, PracticeBalance, self-care, stress

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What exactly constitutes self care? It’s different for everyone, but one thing’s for certain: it’s not just pedicures and massages. It’s much more foundational than that.Self care is…Recognizing that you must know yourself and pay attention to yourse…

I Am Kristie Reynolds

Pierre Van ZylPracticeBalance, work-life balance

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A little snippet of a recent emailAt work, I go by Dawn Baker MD, MS. But at home, I’m sometimes known as Kristie Reynolds.I don’t mean to give away my husband’s “Wizard of Ozâ€�-type work secret here, but I will elaborate for the sake of this …

I Get To…

Pierre Van Zylappreciation, childcare, gratitude, PracticeBalance

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I had just survived one of those hyper-scheduled “days off.” Early morning short work assignment at the fertility clinic, my daughter’s first gymnastics class, squeeze in a quick workout for me (as long as she agrees to stay in the gym daycare), back…

Financial Wellness?

Pierre Van ZylCME, finance, money, PracticeBalance, wellness

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Do you know how social security works? Are you maximizing contributions to your retirement accounts? Have you ever heard of a 529 account, or a backdoor Roth IRA?I combed the archives of this blog, and while there are a smattering of posts on money and…

The Little Echo

Pierre Van Zylparenting, PracticeBalance

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Almost a year ago, I was worried about her lack of verbal expression. Now, she talks constantly. She knows so many words, it’s amazing. But I’m starting to realize that having a highly verbal child exposes your own verbal ticks.She adorably…