Financial Literacy Is Self Care

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What exactly constitutes self care? It’s different for everyone, but one thing’s for certain: it’s not just pedicures and massages. It’s much more foundational than that.Self care is…Recognizing that you must know yourself and pay attention to yourse…

7 easy ways to reduce your weekly grocery budget

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If you are anything like me, most of your weekly send goes on purchasing food. And whilst investing in your health with good quality food is worth every cent, it can be easy to rack up some big $$ in doing so. Having a budget is all well in good in theory, but in practice,…

Learning how to self advocate for wellness and career advancement

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I’ve recently been meditating on personal and professional development and in a lot of ways, maintenance. Part of it aligns with recently discussed concepts of wellness and work-life balance. Part of it also has to do with this intrinsic unsettled feel…

Making the Jump to Freelance Freedom

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Are you currently sitting in your corporate job wandering what it would be like to break free of the 9-5 and start running your own show? I know it can be so hard to take the leap and walk away. Lindy Sorenson did just that, and took steps to launch her own luxury fitness box…

Freelancers, Creatives and Small Businesses, get ready to tackle tax time

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I am not an accountant. I much prefer taking photos and playing around with designs, then I do filling out my tax return. Plus, sometimes the world of accounting can seem like learning a foreign language to me. But it has to be done at some point. Like most things in life, it does us no…

My 7 Favourite Podcasts to Teach, Inspire + Motivate

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I never used to be into podcasts. Seriously – like, I have enough people talking at me on the daily. BUT I was wholly converted after listening to #3 on this list – unashamedly hooked after two short episodes!! Now I’m a Podcast Junkie. There’s such a great resource to pick up tips on EVERYTHING from…

Financial Wellness?

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Do you know how social security works? Are you maximizing contributions to your retirement accounts? Have you ever heard of a 529 account, or a backdoor Roth IRA?I combed the archives of this blog, and while there are a smattering of posts on money and…