My 12-15 year old son

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 Hi, yes, I have a two lovely children, a 17 year old daughter and a 12-15 year old son. As a mother in medicine, emphasis here on in medicine, I was offered the COVID vaccine and jumped at the chance, way back in 2020.  Yes, it was December …


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It was the best of times and it was the worst of times to have a baby. For starters, I don’t want to be a pregnant healthcare worker in a pandemic again. No thank you.We tried to induce Baby Girl early in November when the COVID was really hitting…

Crunch Time

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Sitting in my rocking chair taking a few deep breaths.We hadn’t shared it on the blog yet but we are expecting Baby #2 any day now. I can tell you that the pandemic is about 8.5 months along because I took the pregnancy test the week we started shuttin…

Ascension Day

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So I went to the Dr. Lounge for lunch. Their pizza is sooo good. I just discovered it last week. Already had sausage, sausage and veggie, and veggie. Their veggies are fresh and amazing. My brother Michael told me it was because all of the restaurants …

The bright side of staying home

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COVID has induced major disruptions to my life – both personally and professionally – but trying to see the bright side. As I hold positions at two institutions, one administrative and one clinical, I am both in the work-at-home camp and the radioactiv…

Quarantine Questions with a 4 Year Old

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(Blubbering) “But WHY can’t I go play with Sarah??”The extent of our current outdoor adventuresHow’s everyone doing in the era of COVID and shelter-in-place? I, for one, am having a difficult time parenting my 4 year old daughter. Overall, I can’t comp…