Dr. Axe’s Top 20 Recipes of 2016

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Can you believe it’s almost 2017? I say this every year, but this one went by so fast! Here at Dr. Axe, it was filled with lots of exciting new things, from discovering things like the wonders of bone broth protein powder to revealing more natural ways to combat disease to learning about the dangers of synthetic scents. In addition, I spent … Read More

Pronation Problems: Signs, Causes & Ways to Correct These Common Posture Issues

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Pronation deviations that occur at the feet and ankles — called overpronation or underpronation (also known as supination) — are some of the most common underlying postural problems that adults develop. To one degree or another, collapsed arches may now affect the majority of the adult population living in industrialized nations. Overpronation is such a prevalent problem due to people wearing unsupportive shoes, … Read More

Natural Birth Control Methods: Benefits & Effectiveness (Plus Which Really Work?)

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Wondering how to prevent pregnancy reliably and safely, without using birth control pills? This article will cover some of the most time-tested natural birth control methods that are also now backed up by science. In addition, we’re taking a look at some risks associated with the leading way to currently prevent pregnancy: birth control pills. What’s Wrong with Birth Control Pills? … Read More

Hygge: The Danish Trick for True Winter Happiness

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Denmark consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. But why? Well, a concept called “hygge,” pronounced “HOO-gah,” is believed to be a big part of that. But what is it? Well, that’s a little harder to put into words. So I turned to Danish happiness expert Meik Wiking, the founder and chief executive of the Happiness Institute, … Read More

Diverticulitis Symptoms You Can Treat Naturally

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In the United States, about 200,000 people are hospitalized for diverticulitis each year. Diverticular disease can be a painful and upsetting disturbance in the digestive tract, and in severe cases, it can lead to hospitalization and surgery due to complications from diverticulitis symptoms. The foods you eat and a variety of other risk factors can increase your chances of developing … Read More

How to Boost Your Immune System — Top 10 Boosters

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We are continually exposed to organisms that are inhaled, swallowed or inhabit our skin and mucous membranes. Whether or not these organisms lead to disease is decided by the integrity of our body’s defense mechanisms, or immune system. When our immune system is working properly, we don’t even notice it. But when we have an under- or over-active immune system, … Read More

7 Awesome Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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If you’re like me, you love to eat chocolate. But not just any chocolate — I eat the varieties that are often referred to as “superfoods.” I’m talking about dark chocolate and cacoa nibs, which are both truly healthy forms of chocolate if you pick the right products. You’re probably thinking how is dark chocolate good for you, and in … Read More

Mugwort: the Herb that Fights Joint Pain, Depression & Cancer?

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What exactly is mugwort? Well, outside of sounding like it should be in the pages of the Harry Potter series, it’s a root-based perennial plant that goes by many different names. Most importantly, it’s been shown to help fight serious diseases and maladies, from cancer to joint pain. You may often hear mugwort referred to by other names, such as chrysanthemum weed, … Read More

7-ingredient master tonic that helps kills infection in your body

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With the right combination of high-quality, natural and fresh ingredients, you can fight off sickness. This drink has strong antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties and could be the thing you’re looking to add to your arsenal. It strengthens your immune system, purifies your blood, and improves blood circulation throughout your entire body. A combination of… View Article

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8 Natural Treatments for Cholestasis

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Cholestasis is a condition that’s characterized by the flow of bile from the liver slowing down or stopping, which can be caused by disorders of the liver, bile duct or pancreas. More than 200,000 people in the United States are affected by this condition every year, and it can lead to serious health conditions if it’s not treated properly. There … Read More

5 Benefits of Unplugging for the Holidays + 5 Tips

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The onslaught of family, friends and social events that occurs during the holidays is enough to make even the most social person want to sneak away and enjoy some alone time. But if your idea of relaxing during the festive madness translates into checking in on Facebook, drooling over Insta-worthy photos or playing a marathon video game session, it might … Read More

10 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind

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The introduction of antibiotics to the field of medicine has saved countless lives, turning serious and life-threatening infections into temporary ones. However, with the millions, if not billions of prescriptions for antibiotic drugs that doctors have filled out over the years there comes a serious price: microorganisms are adapting to our techniques. We now have… View Article

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These 10 Things Literally Increase the Size of Your Brain

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Several breakthroughs in brain science over the last few years suggest humans actually have the power to increase brain size. This can change your life in so many ways, from increasing memory to harnessing the power of your brain to create new neurons. Ways to Increase the Size of Your Brain Strike a pose. Yoga combines breathing, holding postures and meditation, … Read More

5 easy stretches that can help eliminate knee pain

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Having a knee problem is something that can really affect your mobility. We need our knees to move forward, pivot and bend. When they aren’t functioning properly, these processes can be painful. Someone with bad knees might end up choosing inactivity over risking further damage to their joints. But there are many causes of knee… View Article

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Do You Suffer from Excess Supination? Warning Signs & Remedies for This Running Problem

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Both supination and pronation are terms used to describe the rolling motion of the heels and feet during the body’s gait cycle, which takes place as we run or walk. Supination describes the rolling outward motion of the foot, therefore oversupinators don’t roll their root inward enough. Excess supination is also called “underpronation” — since supination is the opposite of … Read More

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

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Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. Many different preparations of chamomile have been developed over the years, and the most popular is in the form of herbal tea, with more than 1 million cups consumed per day. (1) But many people don’t know that Roman chamomile essential oil is even more effective than tea and … Read More

Masked Hypertension: More Common (and Dangerous) than White Coat Syndrome

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You might have heard of a condition called “white coat syndrome,” where people’s blood pressure readings are higher at the doctor’s office than at home. It’s attributed to the nervousness some individuals feel when seeing the doctor, which causes the blood pressure to temporarily rise. But there’s another condition that’s actually quite common and can lead doctors to miss patients … Read More

Cellulitis Treatment: Natural Remedies & Prevention Tips

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Considered to be the most common types of illness caused by staph bacteria, cellulitis is a painful, sometimes blistering skin infection that affects hundreds of thousands of adults every year in the United States, leading many to search for cellulitis treatment that actually works. (1) While cellulitis symptoms can usually be managed well with cellulitis treatment — such as drainage … Read More

Cannabidiol, or CBD, Benefits for Pain, Mental Illness & Anxiety

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The use of medical marijuana continues to be an emotionally and politically charged issue. Although cannabis oil preparations have been used in medicine for millennia, the concern over the dangers of abuse led to the banning of the medicinal use of marijuana in the 1930s. Only recently, marijuana and chemically related compounds have come back to being considered of therapeutic value. … Read More

Kidney Failure Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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When kidneys work the way they should, they play an important role in keeping the whole body clean, strong, well-fueled and functioning properly. Conversely, kidney failure puts the body at risk, allowing waste to accumulate and wreak havoc, which is why it’s a good idea to do a kidney cleanse from time to time. Healthy people normally have two kidneys, which … Read More

More and more people over 50 years old are getting high

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Whether they’re inhaling it, baking it or using it in oil form, more and more older adults are using marijuana! For some reason getting high is associated with younger audiences and there is a lot of research that has been carried out on the health effects on younger people. However, research into the consequences of marijuana… View Article

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Top 4 Health Benefits of Marriage

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Bickering about finances, debating child-rearing methods and arguing about whose turn it is to take out the garbage — sometimes the daily grind of married life can leave you feeling a little less than enthusiastic about your spouse. But even when your partner is driving you up the wall, it turns out they might actually be providing health benefits of … Read More

Edible Food Parts You Never Knew You Could Eat

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Across America, food “scraps” are often trimmings, skins and seeds tossed in the garbage. But as I started investigating these “waste products,” I quickly found many of these actually serve as edible food parts with robust nutrition. In fact, many ancient cultures, including Chinese medicine and Native American remedies, tapped the healthy compounds in some of the edible food parts below. … Read More

Top 10 Medical Innovations to Watch Out for in 2017

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As 2016 winds down, the medical community is already looking toward the future — 2017, to be exact. Now in its 11th year, Ohio’s esteemed Cleveland Clinic is releasing its Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2017. (1) More than 100 doctors and researchers pored over nearly 200 nominations of medical innovations that have a high chance of healing and extending life. In … Read More

Cellulitis Symptoms, Causes & Risk Factors

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The name of the bacteria responsible for most cases of cellulitis infections and cellulitis symptoms is staphylococcus, which is actually very common and lives on the skin of approximately 30 percent of even healthy adults. Cellulitis skin rash is one of the most common symptoms of a staph infection, which cause all kinds of mild to moderate symptoms ranging from skin … Read More

Shrimp Nutrition: Is Shrimp Healthy or Harmful to Your Health?

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Shrimp is the most commonly consumed seafood in the United States and the most highly traded seafood in the world, but this high demand has led to many environmental and human rights abuses in the fishing, farming and processing of shrimp. We’re routinely given little information about the shrimp we purchase and what the shrimp nutrition actually is, which is … Read More

A simple trick to relieve arthritis, sciatica and back pain. Could this work better than pills?

Pierre Van ZylArthritis, Bone & Joint, Essential Oils, Muscle Pain, Osteoarthritis, Sciatic Pain

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Castor oil is a remedy that has been used by traditional healers for a long time. Originating in India, this oil is great for numerous things including antibacterial applications, treating skin conditions, reducing pain, and stimulating the immune system (1). Ricinoleic acid Castor oil comes from the castor seed, Ricinus communis, and is a triglyceride… View Article

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6 Common Habits You Had No Idea Were Linked To Lower Back Pain

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This article is shared with permission from our friends at Medical Daily. Almost everyone you know, whether it’s your grandparents, best friend, or boss, has complained of back pain. It’s one of the most common forms of pain; about 80 percent of Americans have or will get it at least once in their lives. The aches,… View Article

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Food Allergy Symptoms + 6 Ways to Reduce Them

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Food allergies are immune-based diseases that have become a serious health concern in the United States. An estimated one-fifth of the population believe that they have adverse reactions to food, but the true prevalence of food allergies ranges between 3 and 4 percent in the general population. Despite the risk of severe allergic reactions and even death, there is no … Read More

6 Reasons to Avoid Meal Replacement Shakes

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In an ideal world, we’d all have the time to dedicate to preparing homemade healthy meals, in addition to sitting down to eat them mindfully. But given how busy many people are today, it’s not surprising that meal replacement shakes, bars and snacks have grown in popularity exponentially over the past several decades. Time isn’t the only barrier keeping some … Read More

6 Natural Ways to Boost Hypothalamus Function

Annie PriceAnti-Aging, Articles, Brain Health, Health & Beauty, Hormone Balance, hypothalamus, hypothalamus definition, Hypothalamus Function, pituitary gland function, thalamus function

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The hypothalamus is an essential part of the human brain and is often considered the “control center” for most hormones. Its working relationship with the pituitary gland as well as the adrenal glands affects our nervous systems as well as our endocrine systems. But what does the hypothalamus do exactly? For starters, it plays a part in our calorie intake, weight … Read More

Psilocybin Mushrooms Shown to Alleviate Both Depression & Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Kissairis MunozCancer, hallucinogenic mushrooms, magic mushrooms, Nutrition, psychedelic mushrooms

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For people with cancer, the diagnosis often is just the beginning. The side effects from a variety of treatments, the anxiety that comes along with a life-threatening illness, having to navigate the regular stresses of daily life — it can be a lot to handle. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 30 percent of cancer patients meet the criteria … Read More

Chiropractors and exercise better for chronic pain than drugs, new study suggests

Pierre Van ZylBody, Bone & Joint, Muscle Pain, Nerve

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By Dr. Mercola Chronic pain is an exceedingly common condition impacting an estimated 76.5 million Americans, one-third of whom describe their pain as severe and “disabling”.i Among them, many suffer from neck pain, which is the third most common type of pain according to the American Pain Foundation. It is estimated that 70 percent of… View Article

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8 amazing ways to use Epsom salt – joint pain, muscle pain, headaches and more

Pierre Van ZylBody, Bone & Joint, Hearty Body, Hearty Therapies

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This article is shared with permission from our friends at Medical Daily. Most of you are probably familiar with Epsom salt and its ability to relief joint pain. But how much are you familiar with the many other uses of Epsom salt which most definitely will ease your life? The fact is that Epsom salt… View Article

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The Insulin Resistance Diet Protocol

Christine Babcockinsulin resistance, insulin resistance diet, Natural Remedies, Nutrition, prediabetes, prediabetes symptoms, what does insulin do

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Understanding the cellular mechanisms of insulin resistance helps us choose more effective therapeutic interventions for the treatment and prevention of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance is present in individuals who are obese and those with diabetes mellitus. Several studies have found that an insulin resistance diet protocol and exercise can alter insulin signaling pathways and delay the onset … Read More

Camel Milk Benefits: Are They Real?

Kissairis MunozNutrition

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Gone are the days when the only options for milk were full-fat, skim or non-fat. Today, there’s a plethora of milk options available to consumers, from cow milk and goat milk … to almond and coconut milk. But there’s a new type of milk that’s attracting attention — camel milk. Actually, calling it “new” is a bit of a misnomer. Nomadic … Read More