Weekend Reading: To South Korea and Back

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For me, the holiday season presents an opportunity to look back at the year behind me and practice gratitude for all I’ve experienced. One of the highlights of 2019 was having the opportunity to travel to South Korea, where I learned the story of Nasoya kimchi. I’ve long been a fan (and a proud ambassador)…

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My 10 secrets to Staying Healthy at a Music Festival

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#1. Keep moving Dancing around for hours is epic cardio. SHAKE IT and your step count will be well over the usual! Most festivals offer yoga and advice on local walks/hikes too. At Shambhala in BC for example, festival goers hike to the top of a local river and take a floaty to ride it…

The Best Healthy Cafes in Byron Bay

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Byron is an amazing destination for so many reasons, but the food here is HIGH up on that list. After multiple trips there to zen out from busy Sydney city life, I feel well-placed to give you my favourite haunts for health food. Think epic acai bowls, avocado toast and poached eggs you ever did…

8 Canadian Insta Accounts You Need To Follow

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I’ve been back and forth to Canada a few times in recent months, not only for the beautiful scenery, but also (admittedly) for a certain boy *blushes* whom I met whilst backpacking in New Zealand. Cute story, right?! Head to my story highlights to see all the BTS of my Canadian adventures. ANYWAY…first thing to do…

My 6 Healthy Carry-on Travel Essentials

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There’s just something about travel that seems to stop all health plans – it usually involves a lot of sitting around, breathing in other people’s germs, eating bad food and generally feeling like crap. I’d love to know how celebrities look so polished when they land after a 15 hour flight from LA…what is that…

The Coolest Juice Bars from Around the Globe

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From Hollywood to New York, Amsterdam to London, join the juice craze and sip on the best smoothies and juices that the world has to offer. Plus these juice bars are also totally gorgeous!                                   Raw Chemist, Toronto This…

These Weekend Getaways are less than 2 hours from Sydney

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I think we can all agree that lounging around on a weekend is the perfect way to recharge after a busy week. And whilst home is usually pretty cosy, the fact that you are still in cell phone coverage means that sometimes the emails and work keeps going. Since few of us have the time…

10 Travel Influencers to follow to spark Wanderlust

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Hands up who loves travelling?? In the last few years I’ve become a total gypsy (is that a mid-life crisis?) trying to travel at least once a month. In fact, I have a world map stuck to my bedroom wall covered in post-it notes with dates and routes. When I am not city hopping I love checking…

Creosote Bush: The Native Plant that Can Get Rid of Intestinal Parasite

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Parasitic infections are becoming increasingly prevalent world wide. These infections are not only limited to developing countries, low income areas, or travellers, either: the CDC estimates that millions of Americans are affected, whether they know it or not. Parasites can infect and live in your body for weeks, months, or even years before showing any… View Article

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Discovery Of 14,000-Year-Old Settlement In Canada Could Rewrite North American History

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The Indigenous Heiltsuk Nations People from the central coast of British Columbia in Canada have been saying for years that their ancestors lived on an unknown strip of coastline during the last ice age, and thanks to collaborative efforts between archeologists and local first nations people, they have finally proved it to be true. The discovery… View Article

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