5 Ways with Greek Yoghurt

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Greek yoghurt is high in protein, all-natural, and makes for a fabulous substitution for a lot of other less-healthy ingredients in baking and cooking. I was never really a big fan of yoghurt until I tried the Greek versions – it’s strained to produce a thicker, creamier texture. Not dissimilar to loosely whipped cream, the stiffness…

The Fit Foodie Cookbook #2

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Guys, I have the most epic news to share. We’re talking E-P-I-C, as far as foodie news goes. Over the last year I have I been working away with commercial food photography clients (yay - www.sallyoneilphotography.com) – photographing and styling food that I LOVE. After the launch of Love Move Eat cookbook here in Australia, which I…

These Weekend Getaways are less than 2 hours from Sydney

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I think we can all agree that lounging around on a weekend is the perfect way to recharge after a busy week. And whilst home is usually pretty cosy, the fact that you are still in cell phone coverage means that sometimes the emails and work keeps going. Since few of us have the time…

Mindfulness not your thing? Why not try mindLESSness

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I’m sure that by now you would’ve heard of mindfulness. But if not, basically it is a technique that draws on Buddhist practices that teaches you how to be in the moment. Since most of us these days are stress heads this technique provided a useful way to escape and de-stress. Mostly it involves a…

My 3 favourite foods to help boost immunity

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Every time cold and flu season comes around do you seriously envy that person in your office with rock-solid immunity? Do you wonder what their secret is to being this bacteria-fighting machine? I do sometimes, and hey maybe it’s genetics or maybe it’s diet related but once you know the tips of the trade, getting…

Brownie Batter Oats that will Kick your Chocolate Cravings

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If you were to look up the definition of decadence, I am sure that somewhere along the lines a brownie would be mentioned. I mean how much more decadent can you get than the rich chocolately goodness that is a brownie. Plus brownie batter is sometimes even better than brownies. I mean isn’t that the best…

Meet these 3 incredible women who turned Instagram into their careers

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Hands up if you want to turn your Instagram into a full-time career? There’s quite a few of us am I right? There’s something seriously enticing about living a freelance and creative life. I mean everyone wants to be their own boss right? And whilst we get to see a lot of our fave influencers…

Guilt-free chocolate recipes for you to enjoy this Easter

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Who here is a chocolate lover? Me I’m not hugely fussed but I do have a soft spot for some raw chocolate coated almonds (ok maybe it’s a slight addiction). With all that said, I will definitely be indulging in some chocolate this Easter! Now, for many of us Easter can be a great time…

How to Make Crispy Avocado Fries (Dairy and Gluten-Free)

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The world’s new favourite fruit, avocados, have surged in popularity within the past few years. Not only do they taste great, they’re also very versatile and can be chopped, blended or mashed into any recipe to give it a nutritious boost. For anyone whose a fan of regular fries, we have an uber-healthy yummy avocado… View Article

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